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Hardware & Networking course


Hardware & Networking course

If you are looking for a career in Hardware & Networking course in Jamshedpur, you have reached the right place. Welcome to India’s premier desktop, Laptop and mobile phone chip level technology training institute – mindpro Academy

Mindpro people to learn how to assemble and disassemble the laptop and desktop computers. It is connected with knowledge in the field of hardware and chip-level maintenance of various technologies. The future of this industry is a prime example that if you think you are interested in it, and you are passionate about this area, it is time to get training in our country.

Basic Electronics:

  • Introduction of Electronics.
  • Symbols of electronic component.
  • Current, Voltage, Power.
  • Conductor, Insulator, Semi Conductor.
  • Passive and Active components.
  • Different Semiconducting device.
  • Number system
  • Binary conversion, Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication and Division.
  • Logic Gates
  • Multiplexer & Demultiplexer
  • Flip-Flop, Counter, Shift Register


  • PC Hardware, Operating Systems and Networking
  • ESD Norms
  • Different Peripheral Devices to Assemble the PC
  • CMOS Setup
  • Assembling and Disassembling the PC
  • Installation of Windows XP Professional Operating and their overview
  • Installation of Windows 7 & 8 Operating System and their overview
  • Installation of Windows2008 Server Operating and their overview
  • Installation of various device driver
  • Installation of Network & Local Printer
  • Installation of various software
  • Basic networking and Cabling system
  • Different Network Devices
  • OSI Layer
  • IP Address

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